Return of the Paragods 9 May 15

Tonight, we were joined by Sean Allen, Cheryl Norton, and Chris Dubey from the YouTube show Paragods. The comedy/drama is getting ready to finish its second season and the show is described as “The Office meets Rescue Me.” The show is filmed in New Hampshire, and features the fictitious Sandville County Fire/EMS.

Some of the changes for this season are:

  • “Special” Ed (Chris Estes) gets paired up with a down and out fellow named “Digger” (Mike Weiner) who is not too happy about being forced on the ambo. Then to add insult to injury, they get the over anxious newbie named Kimberly (Eugenia Schipelliti) as their third seat.
  • Cameletoe (Chris Dubey) and Sam (Hannah Heckman-McKenna) end up working for Sandville County
  • Both Cheryl Norton and Hannah Heckman-McKenna direct one episode each this season

Sean and Cheryl hope to take the show to EMSWorldExpo some time to let more providers know about this wonderful show (we need to share it more!).

Sean said that he gets some of the ideas for the show from his day job as an EMT-B in New Hampshire.

Cheryl noticed a bit of improvement from all of the characters from the pilot episode until now–which is the end of the second season.

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Catch PARAGODS on YouTube Sundays at 2000 Eastern

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Busting the Top Trauma Myths 4 May 15

Tonight we had Sean Kivlehan, Kevin Collopy, and Scott Snyder on the show busting some trauma myths that were posted in their EMSWorld article this March.

The myth of “Never insert nasal airways in head injured patients” was busted by a study that showed less than 1/10 of 1% of the time the NPA actually going into the cranium. It more than likely results from poor techniques. Do it right, and you won’t have a problem.

“Lidocaine in RSI prevents increased ICP” was kicked to the curb because there was no evidence showing whether or not it even worked–ever. We don’t know if it has a positive effect or a negative effect. While it doesn’t directly harm our patients, it DOES delay the completion of RSI, which means porlonged hypoxia.

Backboards…what’s to say? They’re hard, uncomfortable, and have been on their way out the door for the last few years. The only thing they’re good for is a bench…or as a patient MOVEMENT device. Good spinal motion restriction is positive control of the head, shoulders, and hips. Locking them on a hard, non-conforming board does not help.

The Trendelenburg position was actually intended to give a better field of vision during abdominal surgery, not help our patients with hemorrhagic shock. There is no direct evidence to its benefit in shock. It impedes respiratory rate, ventilations, and heart rate. It could actually make our patient’s condition worse.

The KED prevents spinal movement…well, it does provide great pictures for students. It can quite surely help an elderly person that has difficulty getting out of a vehicle on a good day. If a young, healthy person can self extricate and self splint, a KED won’t be as much good. It actually increases spinal column motion during extrication.

Never remove a dressing when it bleeds through. Despite what we have been taught in Scouts, our EMT, AEMT, and paramedic classes…we’ve been taught wrong all this time. The best way to stop a bleed is direct pressure. More dressings make it harder to get that direct pressure on the wound–WELL AIMED direct pressure.

A pulse in the radial artery means a systolic BP of 80. That is an old wives’ tale. If anything using that we OVERESTIMATE a person’s pressure. It can delay interventions. Obtain an accurate pressure and remember if you can’t feel a patient’s radial pulse, they’re likely to be hypotensive and ill.

The Golden Hour myth goes back to the times of lights and sirens and get ’em there fast. We’ve seen that rapid transport causes more accidents. Instead on fixating on the 60 minute injury to surgery time, focus on what you have and whether or not you can stabilize your patient with what you have. The types of trauma we deal with on a daily basis are “horses…not zebras”.

MAST Trousers. These relics from the Vietnam War were actually not used in the military until GRENADA. That’s back in the late 1980’s. They can work as a pelvic sling, but we have commercial ones that work just as good if not better. Keep them under the squad bench.

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Happy Birthday and The Code Green Campaign 25 Apr 15

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Help us get to EMSWorld Expo!!!

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Code Green

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Help us get to Expo

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Year Number 2 Is In The Books

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Race for the Cure 2014

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Paragods (The Series)


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New Years Eve Show 31 Dec 13

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National EMS Museum 21 Dec 13

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