Paragods (The Series)

Tweet Tonight, we had Shawn Allen, Sheri Collins, and Sheryl Norton from the series Paragods, which has been billed as “The Office” meets “Rescue Me”. Filmed in New Hampshire, this very funny series finished their first season. Sandville County EMS fights for their very existence with great writing and acting. Some of the ideas for […]

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The 1-Union-801 Coffee Cup

What are we doing to ourselves? SERIOUSLY!! 15 Mar 14

Tweet Tonight we opened up with a letter that was posted on Chris Kaiser’s Life Under The Lights blog. The letter was from a medic who recently had one of her co-workers commit suicide. Amy Eisenhauer from theemssiren blog was our guest tonight and we talked about this. Starting with some replies from a post […]

The 1-Union-801 Coffee Cup

Gizmos and Gadgets with the Unwired Medic 1 Mar 14

Tweet Tonight, we had Christopher Matthews, The Unwired Medic, on our show and we talked about some of the great gizmos, gadgets, and apps available for us to use as EMS providers. We’ve mentioned those that can be used for CEUs, those that can be used for recreation, even one that can be used to […]

The 1-Union-801 Coffee Cup

Situational Awareness with Dr. Rich Gasaway 1 Feb 14

Tweet Tonight we had Dr. Richard Gasaway from SAMatters on talking with us about situational awareness. Situational Awareness is defined as a neurological process used to take in information and process it into understanding to predict future events. We touched on distractions of situational awareness, along with the 7 thieves of situational awareness. We went […]

The 1-Union-801 Coffee Cup

Rewarming the Hypothermic Patient with Steve Whitehead 18 Jan 14

Tweet Tonight we had Steve Whitehead from EMS1 and The EMT Spot talking with us about rewarming the hypothermic patients. We covered how in the fall and spring we normally see younger patients (not always pediatric) like the soccer mom that didn’t dress appropriately for Junior’s game. In the winter is when we see more […]

Cub Scouts

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