The 1-Union-801 Coffee Cup

If Sheldon Cooper Was A Paramedic with Sean Eddy 30 Aug 14

Tweet Tonight we had Sean Eddy from Medic Madness talking with us tonight about how it would be “If Sheldon Cooper Was A Paramedic”. We went over using his normal format from the Medic Madness blog: What kind of medic: Book smart but not big on practical application. He’d be that one in medic school […]


My summer

Tweet here is why we haven’t had a show all summer New shows coming soon

The 1-Union-801 Coffee Cup

Year Number 2 Is In The Books

Tweet Tonight we had Nancy Capelle from Cardiac Companions talking with us about CPR in schools. CPR is being pushed as a requirement in schools in various states such as Illinois, New York, and Oklahoma. Nancy, herself, is a survivor of a MI and subsequent arrest. She is also a volunteer EMT with the Wilton […]

The 1-Union-801 Coffee Cup

We’re Back

Tweet Tonight, we carried on without our guest Sean Eddy from Medic Madness due to the deity Motorola demanding that a guest be sacrificed. We are going to reschedule Sean for another night to talk about “If Sheldon Cooper Was A Paramedic.” We DID, however, rant a little bit about the show OMG! EMT! from […]

Pink Ribbon

Race for the Cure 2014

Tweet Here are the videos we took this morning.


Paragods (The Series)

Tweet Tonight, we had Shawn Allen, Sheri Collins, and Sheryl Norton from the series Paragods, which has been billed as “The Office” meets “Rescue Me”. Filmed in New Hampshire, this very funny series finished their first season. Sandville County EMS fights for their very existence with great writing and acting. Some of the ideas for […]

Cub Scouts

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